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EQuant 2013 GRANT winners

The applicants were ranked and selected by Numerix panel upon evaluation of the scientific and academic CVs, the skills for the programme, the focus on energy and commodities and their motivation. 

2013 Full grant winners: 
Michele Maio - Spanish National Research Council 
Dmtrii Zholud - Bixia EM / Chalmers University (Sweden)

2013 Partial grant winners: 
Ved Prakash Gupta - Indian Institute of Technology 
Lukasz Goliszewski - Warsaw Commodity Clearing House (Poland)
Claudio Amedeo - Self employed
Ramon Prat - Madimon (Spain)
Ivana Ribac - University of Bologna (Italy)
Eva Kvasnickova - University Tor Vergata (Italy)
Enrico Paduano - Dexia Crediop 



A short interview to the winners

Michele Maio - Formerly, Spanish National Research Council
Maurizio Busetti, Southern Europe Sales director Numerix awards Michele the full Grant 

Hi Michele, thank you for applying to the NumeriX grant and congrats! Why you were first attracted to the EQuanT Bootcamp?

Michele: Hi all and thank you for this interview. I have a background in Theoretical Physics and I was looking for a career entry in quantitative finance. I realized that a specific training like the EQuanT Bootcamp was perfect to speed up my learning process and it was like that. The excellent programme and the interactions with the experts made it very efficient and stimulating. 

Why you decided to apply for the grant offered by NumeriX?
Michele: First of all, to receive financial support to attend such a big event. Moreover, it was also a good way to get visibility within the EQuanT and the NumeriX communities for a career move.
What impressed you mostly about the EQuanT Bootcamp?
Michele: The high level of expertise and the delegates attending the event. In particular, people from mixed backgrounds were present. I asked for several explanations to quants, risk professionals and traders. It was extremely interesting to learn how professional modellers operate and how the energy, finance and commodity sectors are communicate each other with the same math. It was pleasant for me to see how knowledge was shared during the event. 
Michele Maio BIO:
Michele graduated from the University of Bologna, and completed his PhD in Theoretical Physics at the Dutch National Institute for Subnuclear Physics. He has worked as post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid, focusing on string theory, supersymmetry, four-dimensional model building.
Four months after the EQuanT Bootcamp Michele got a permanent position as Financial Engineer in uGLy Duckling BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
Dmitrii Zholud - Bixia Energy Management / Chalmers University (Sweden)



Hi Dmitrii, thank you for taking this short interview and congratulations! How do you feel being awarded a full grant by NumeriX?

Dmitrii: I am very thankful to Numerix for this sponsorship and I feel very honored to be one of the two full grant winners.

Why you were first attracted to the EQuanT Bootcamp programme?

Dmitrii: I came across the EQuanT Bootcamp by a Linkedin Ad and as soon as I looked through the Bootcamp programme I got very interested. I wanted to boost up my knowledge on energy markets and to learn more about quantitative challenges in this area. So I though EQuanT Bootcamp was a great opportunity for me to develop professionally.

What impressed you mostly about the EQuanT Bootcamp?

Dmitrii: Well, a number of things actually. It was quite dense in terms of the amount of material presented and everything was well prepared. I already got math finance foundations, however I learned a lot of new things too. It was also a great networking opportunity - I've talked to many interesting people who work in different branches of energy trading, which was a very valuable experience.


Dmitrii Zholud BIO:

Dmitrii has a Masters Degree in Mathematics (Probability Theory, Moscow State University) and a PhD in Mathematical Statistics (University of Gothenburg, Sweden). He works as a Quantitative Associate in Bixia, the Swedish fourths largest electricity trading company, where he develops mathematical models to make predictions on production and consumption loads, perform daily trading routines, and work on analysis, enhancement, and automation of Bixia's trading strategies.

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