E-QuanT context

Energy and commodity markets have intensively attracted in the last years investment banks, hedge funds and trading institutions - in addition to corporate utility companies - for the high return of investments shown.

A set of quantitive and modelling skills is now required from Energy Trading & Risk Management professionals, to maximize the profit of trading strategies, energy portfolios and manage risk.


  The annual event for the Energy Trading & Risk Management Quant community.


IKBrokers professional training

  • Designed through a specific assessment of the industry Request For Qualifications (RFQs)
  • Aims to bridge the gap in knowledge and skills required by the industry, and the offer provided by universities and training institutes
  • Focused on the improving market sectors, to anticipate the trend of leading sectors (see RRG graph below).

These factors ensure the best training result, in terms of industry reward and job placing.


Monthly sector relative performance to FTSE350 index (May 2013)

test                                                   Source: Bloomberg Finance, May 2013

The Relative Rotation Graph (RRG)* of the FTSE 350 index shows how Oil & Gas and Gas Water & Multiutility sectors are improving in the last months towards the leading sectors quarters. Banking and Industrials sectors are weakening. Alternative energy sector is lagging.


* RGG graph: the X-axis represents the relative strength and the Y-axis the momentum in relative strength.

Data in the right quadrants (Leading or Weakening) show the security is outperforming its benchmark.
Data on the bottom quadrants (Weakening or Lagging) show the security relative performance is decreasing in momentum.

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